Great is our Lord

Great is our Lord, and abundant in power;
    his understanding is beyond measure.  psalm 147:5

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Upon the Cornerstone

Holy Spirit
Come in light
Guide and lead
Give me sight

Provide your wisdom
Open my eyes
Give discernment
Cast out lies

Let your love
Counsel me
That I might grow
In what you lead

I give my heart
You shape and mold
Strengthen me
Let your work unfold

Build this temple
Raise the walls
Upon the cornerstone
Fill the halls

Grow my heart
On solid ground
To be a temple
Where Jesus is found

By Julie Armendariz

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While they were talking and discussing, Jesus himself came near and walked with them. – Luke 24:15

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Sitting by the window Sadie looked out at the morning light. She studied the patterns of the sun rays as they filtered through the window. The warmth of the rays brought a smile to her heart. Sadie fidgeted in what seemed like an oversized chair as she waited. Trying not to make a sound she pressed her little nose up against the glass. She watched as a Robin tilted its head this way and that. It hopped and hopped tilted and hopped. Mama said if I listen quietly I can hear what Jesus has to say, she thought to herself. Sadie tilted her head back and forth quietly as she watched the Robin hop along. Fidgeting again in her chair; it’s so hard to sit quietly and wait. Sadie wondered if the Robin was listening for what Jesus has to say. As She watched the Robin intently tilt its head, she tilted her head. This way and that she listened too! Sadie didn’t know why but somewhere deep inside her heart she knew her answer. And she knew it was exactly what the Robin heard Jesus say!  “If you search for me, you will find me” With deep joy Sadie ran eagerly to tell Mama.

By Julie Armendariz

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Word of Love

Read a letter today of love
It touched my heart
It danced in my soul
Tender words making me whole

Beautifully gifted
They spoke deep within
Calming my fears
Releasing joyful tears

Only my lord could of seen so deep in my heart
Resting my thoughts
Satisfying my deepest need
To you my Savior I concede

By Julie Armendariz

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