They Call That Art

Sometime ago our family took a tour of the local art museum. Standing next to a famous and well-known painting many viewers were commenting on it in awe. Not understanding what all the awe was about, our son very young at the time then proceeded to share his opinion; That painting sucks! They call that Art? An awkward moment of silence followed as a crowd of stares forced us on our way.

They call that art? Is a question many have had at sometime or another as an Artist or a viewer. I find it intriguing that a piece that is so meaningful and moving to one person, can have absolutely no appeal to another. That’s because our appeal to Art comes through our values and character. It comes through our emotions and preferences. That’s why I believe Art has such a valuable place in the Kingdom of God. Art is a reflection of the heart of the Artist and how they view our world. So I believe when an Artist has the Kingdom of God in their heart, Art can become a witness to our world through the power of the Holy Spirit.

But I have also found that creating Art as a Christian can be a struggle. Am I creating Art to please God or people? I don’t believe every piece of Art needs a Christian symbol attached or has to be categorized as Christian Art to please God. Nor do I believe it needs to be admired by every viewer. Even famous and well- known Art has it’s critics. I think the greater question for me is… Does God call that Art? A strange statement to a non-Christian Artist probably. But the Bible says “Whatever you do, do your work heartily, as for the Lord rather than for men” –Colossians 3:24 Art requires an audience to have viewers, but as a Christian I should be creating it for “One”…Christ. The viewers are His audience not mine. Often times that can be a struggle because I want to please my viewers and fit into the Art world. When what I really need to do is just lay it at His feet and let the results be His.

About Julie Armendariz

Hi, I am a Artist, Photographer, Christian, wife & mom. I love hiking, nature, poetry & spending time with my family. This Blog is a place for me to share my Art, Photography, writing and faith.
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