Created With Purpose

I have wondered from time to time why I was created, what is my purpose in life? As I have grown to know God better I have come to the conclusion that I was created with a space that only God can fill. Finding Christ is like finding the missing puzzle piece, it helps to complete who we are. When Jesus is inserted into place it opens up the door to learn my purpose. Many of us try to fill this space meant for Christ with all kinds of other pleasures to satisfy our emptiness. But worldly pleasures will only leave us emptier than when we started…Drugs will help you to feel good within the moment but the more you pour in the emptier you will become, relationships will fail us, money deceives us, it’s all in vain. It’s all based on the moment and circumstance and has no lasting value.

As soon as we meet Christ we may think that we have finally arrived, but that’s when we discover that we only just began. Salvation is merely the beginning of our journey, it’s not an event. This journey is for the purpose and plans God has for us, to be worked out in us. Each of us has a unique personality that God formed within us to fulfill a unique purpose God planned especially for us. Taking this journey is a choice. It will take us beyond all that we know. It requires that we lay down control and give him lordship over our lives. When we do this we will discover there is a purpose greater than any we could have imaged.

This does not mean that we will live a trouble free life. Life is life. Some of our greatest accomplishments come out of trial. God can take the most difficult struggles and draw life out of them to form something beautiful, if we will trust him. He will take us on a journey we will never regret. He may allow something to empty us of self but he will never leave us empty. He may allow circumstances that require dependence but he won’t leave us unattended. His time and His way will always give us strength and encouragement to grow in the fruitfulness of his spirit. And what could bring greater joy than the fruits of the spirit. . Love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control. It is only the hardness’ of heart that would fight against such fruit, not the law of God.

Our purpose is to walk in the fullness of all God created us to be so that His plans can be the fulfillment of our deepest desires. For he gave us the desires of our heart… that He might have the pleasure to fulfill them. I think nothing gives God more joy than to watch those desires be fulfilled because He knows that our souls will be satisfied in relationship with Him. For we are all one body with Christ as the head, we are his workmanship. What greater joy could Jesus have than watching His body function with the full capacity that it was intended to function in. What could bring God the Father and the Holy Spirit more joy than watching the body of Christ fulfill the purpose for that which He was sent. I am not saying that Christ needs us in any way for His purpose to be fulfilled! He has already accomplished all that he was sent to do!! What I am saying is now we have a choice to accept the fulfillment of that and allow our life’s to be apart of the glory for which he was sent. To live life to the fullness regardless of what life sends our way.

We have a savior who gave all. The bible says you have to lose your life to find it. Christ lost his life so that we could have life… but to truly find our life we have to be crucified with Christ. Allowing him to cut away those things that don’t bring fruit and feed those things that do. Then we will begin to function in his body in the way we were created to. Because our minds will be in tune with his and His with ours. And he will say to his arm reach and it will reach though the extension of his spirit within us. And we will become a part of his movements and his kingdom within the uniqueness of the personality of which he created each of us to be. All His but in the uniqueness of me.

Julie Armendariz

About Julie Armendariz

Hi, I am a Artist, Photographer, Christian, wife & mom. I love hiking, nature, poetry & spending time with my family. This Blog is a place for me to share my Art, Photography, writing and faith.
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